Platform documentation, 26/07/07

Featuring Mark Greenwood (Totnes), Becky Hall (Bristol), James Kennard (Bristol), PartSuspended (London), Pass:port (London), Edward Rapley/ The Licensees (Bristol), NaoKo Takahashi (London)

After a successful first run in May 07, You and Your Work presented a second showcase in July 07, involving seven performance artists and companies in and around the building of the Cube Microplex and in the Stokes Croft area. A barbecue in the yard topped up the night.

In the Cube lounge Mark Greenwood's durational performance Playing Cards emphasised the anxiety and distress of the individual gamer. Whilst gambling all night long, Greenwood generated text and an aesthetic inquiry into the visual varieties of playing cards.

In The story of Peter Higgs, performance artist James Kennard set off with his hiking boots and rucksack to collect earth from different areas in Bristol. The journey culminated in a performance on the Cube car park, where Kennard built a Golden rectangle and told the story of quantum physicist Peter Higgs.

The treasure hunt Find the clue - Find you by Becky Hall sent small groups of spectators on 30min walks around the Stokes Croft area. Her treasure hunt encouraged the audience not only to accomplish the various tasks but also to challenge behaviour in the city and make friends.

In I Represent Everything You Fear - Here Comes A Wicked Witch of East - Bristol, visual artist NaoKo Takahashi from London orchestrated interventions into architectural and urban space by stitching text on fences in Bristol, using coloured cotton bias bindings. Her work in St Pauls and Stokes Croft catalyzed various encounters with curious and somewhat bedazzled pedestrians.

The video installation out of - Place by London artists Pass:port showed glimpses of a woman’s life, her particular – albeit anonymous – history and explored place, modes of perception and memory, which allowed you to delve into the slow pace of the video, allowing one to forget for a little while the rest of the bustling evening.

Performance company PartSuspended set up five tents on the Cube stage and invited the audience to wander around, to enter and visit, to listen to and tell stories. Their work The Outside In emphasises geographical and political borders, alienation and personal boundaries.

Edward Rapley's debut in the local live-art scene with 10 ways to die on stage by Bristol based company 'The Licensees' explored failure, death and audience expectations on the Cube stage and brought the evening with a splash of water to a cheerful close.